Lodha Palava Price Plan: Cozy Apartments that Suit Your Budget

It’s a simple fact that price is one of the decisive factors when it comes to choosing the future dwelling. Undoubtedly, looking for a new place to live, you take into consideration both comfort and cost. Lodha Palava price policy is very flexible. That’s why you will definitely find the offer that is easy on your wallet.

Lodha Palava City Rates: Affordability is a Key

Lodha Group strives to make life in Palava City available for people with different income. Lodha Palava price plan offers various options to select from. Lodha Palava City rates are quite reasonable concerning the world-class living conditions the city provides. What’s more, you are always free to take advantage of Lodha Palava special offers. This will make Lodha Palava rates even more seductive and affordable than they are.

Lodha Palava City Rates: Choose Your Option

You are welcome to have a look at the Lodha Palava price plan. We are sure that it won’t take you long to select the variant that suits you the most. Whatever district of Palava City you decide to invest in (Lodha Central Park, Lakeshore Greens, Palava City Trinity, Prime Square or Aquaville), it will be a worthy investment.

Residence Price (in Lacs) Discount Offer Offer No.1 Price (in Lacs) Get Spot Offer
1 BHK Rs 48.06 1.08 46.98
2 BHK Optima Rs 61.11 1.26 59.85
2 BHK Ultima Rs 70.2 1.44 68.76
3 BHK Rs 82.62 1.71 80.91

Have you already found the apartment that satisfies your requirements and budget entirely among the options Lodha Palava price plan includes? Hurry up to contact us right now to become a happy owner of your dream flat!