Luxurious Lodha Palava Trinity: Overview

Do you want to own a luxurious apartment in the most prestigious district of the number one Indian smart city? Lodha Group is pleased to provide you such an opportunity. We proudly present you Lodha Palava Trinity – the place with the premium homes at Palava.

Palava Trinity includes three tall modern towers with the largest 3BHK apartments located at the Lakeshore Greens, the most exceptional neighborhood of the Palava City. These three tall-tower residences settled in the splendor of nature have not only all home conveniences essential for comfortable living. They also give the residents of the Lodha Palava Trinity easy access to all city amenities, ensuring a truly favorable, carefree life. Everything from the high-street retail store and a contemporary sports complex to the 6-acre Lakeside Park and the Shri Ram Universal School is within walking distance.

We can say for sure that today luxury has a new address which is called Palava Trinity. Therefore, if you are looking for a premium lifestyle in Palava, the fastest-growing smart city, then Lodha Palava Trinity is the answer.

Amenities of Life in Palava Trinity

Lodha Palava Trinity is aimed at providing the owners of the apartments and their family members with a bunch of conveniences that will make their lives pleasant and free of worries. Alongside with the standard modern amenities of life that other residents of Palava City have, the dwellers of Palava Trinity have several exclusive privileges such as:

  • A well-equipped gymnasium to keep fit and stay healthy throughout the year;
  • A large swimming pool to relax and refresh yourself whenever you need it;
  • A kids’ play zone to keep your children engaged and entertained for hours;
  • An elite banquet hall to hold a memorable event or have a delicious dinner in the circle of your friends;
  • An entrance lobby with 3 high-speed elevators that will take you to the desired floor in a blink.

What’s more, Palava City Trinity residents have an opportunity of stunning unrestricted views. Since you choose to live in Lodha Palava Trinity, you are blessed with splendid sights right from your home. A 6-acre Lakeside Park and a garden at your doorway will always please your eye.

Other amenities of life in Palava Trinity include:

Amenities Banner
Amenities Banner

Lodha Palava Trinity City Amenities

Together with second-to-none home amenities, Palava Trinity residents have an excellent possibility to get within a couple of minutes to the following city amenities:

  • the Shri Ram Universal School
  • the Olympic Standard Sports Complex
  • the 6-acre Lakeside Park
  • the 2.5 km retail High Street
  • the Shiva Temple
  • the Grand Clubhouse

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Are you interested in living in one of the prestigious towers of Lodha Palava Trinity? Contact us right now, and we’ll provide you with such a chance!